Sessione Nero Soft Cut Scissor

Sessione Nero Soft Cut Scissor


The Alfa Italia Sessione Nero Soft Cut are the definitive thinning and blending hairdressers scissors designed to cut very short, to blend shorter to longer and to evaporate/thin the bulk and thickness of hair with no blade marks. This professional hairdresser’s scissor is the best thinning and blending tool in hairdresser’s toolkit.

Nero Soft Cut thinning & blending hairdressers scissors replace the old fashioned thinning scissor where the thinning teeth are traditionally found on the upper blade. We have redesigned this thinning scissor with the teeth on the lower blade to allow the hair to flow naturally over the teeth to ensure a flawless, clean finish. These 6 inch length hairdressers scissors are made from premium grade Japanese 440 Steel with a hand finished convex blade deliver a silky smooth feel.

· Deep black, hi-gloss superior finish

· Designed to remove hair effortlessly with NO cut marks

· Ideal for cutting scissor over comb

· Perfect to reduce weight and blend sections together

· Excellent for cropping & short cutting techniques

· Designed with hairdressers and barbers in mind

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