Superleggero Pro Salon Hair Dryer

Superleggero Pro Salon Hair Dryer


The Superleggero is the powerhouse hair dryer that is engineered to withstand all day salon use blow drying. Lightweight and ergonomic, the dryer is superbly balanced and feels comfortable to hold thanks to the carefully crafted handle.

Dryer Features:
- Powerful motor with 2500w output and multiple heat and speed settings.

- Unique self-cleaning system automatically ejects hair and other debris that is often the
major cause of mechanical failure in professional hairdryers.

- The Bi Superleggero is as tough as it is powerful. Thanks to breakthrough technology
used in the engine mounts, it can withstand being dropped* and punishing all day
every day use like no other hairdryer in the world.

- Comes with 3 concentrator nozzles and a silencer which helps top reduce the
noise output from the extremely powerful motor.

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